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Concrete Cleaning Riverview is here for your concrete cleaning needs. For your sidewalks, decks, driveways, and wherever you use concrete on, we can clean them. Concrete cleaning is one of our services that we have offered to hundreds of customers. The numbers are increasing as many have realized the importance of cleaning concrete. Concrete Cleaning Riverview uses equipment that would transform your dirty and looking ugly concrete into a new looking and clean one.

You will see an amazing difference when it was not cleaned and when it was cleaned. We already gained the experience needed so that Concrete Cleaning Riverview can offer you the service with the confidence of delivering an excellent concrete cleaning service. Our equipment and materials are already prepared and ready for anyone who calls for the service. The use of pressure washing service will ensure that you will be able to get a good result on the job you will allow us to do.

There is not much maintenance that is needed to be done for concrete but they need to be cleaned to maintain their looks and also prolong their lifespan. Driveways could be the home of oil and grease. Sidewalks could become slippery and so does your decks. It can be a source of the accident. They could become the home for algae or molds that are not good for people, especially the one who has an allergy. So when they are cleaned, in effect, the homeowners would not be at risk of sickness. There is also the effect of rain, high temperature, moisture, snow, and even salt when you are near the sea. This contributes to the dirt and discoloration of the concrete.

There are homeowners that use the service mainly for the dirty look of their concrete to disappear. But above you can read the hidden benefits when one will avail of the pressure washing services of their concrete. Dial us today and feel free to consult about our other services such as commercial pressure washing and roof cleaning.


About Our Services

Concrete Sealers: What Are They?

Many homeowners who had availed of the concrete cleaning services had also availed of the sealing for their concrete. It can be in the driveway, patios, sidewalks and even the indoor concrete. Sealing is putting a protective layer in the cement so that abrasion would not damage the cement. Stains and others would not also enter in it and would cause discoloration. The sealing process is done easily and it could also be removed. So it is not a permanent one forever.

Wax: Do You Need It?

Aside from sealers, there is also the use of wax that would serve as the frontline in maintaining your cement. As they would be the top layer after the sealing so they would be the one to absorb all. They also could be changed as needed. They are easier to change than the seal so you do not have to worry. And you should not worry as we can do the job for you. Concrete Cleaning Riverview is here for your needs for your cement and other accessories.

Plain Concrete Cleaning

  • The everyday plain concrete cleaning routine:
  • It is important that you clean the surface of the plain concrete to remove dust and other debris or particles with a broom. A blower or a garden hose can also be used to remove all that is unnecessary.
  • If there are stains, you need to use warm water first and then scrub the cement. If it did not remove, you can use mild soap going to the strong type of soap. In the end, if nothing works, you can use ammonia.
  • For stubborn stains, the degreasers would be needed. It should be noted that they are to be used in plain concrete but not on the stained concrete and polished concrete.
  • Here comes the power washing of your exterior concrete like in the garages. It would not take long as the equipment is ready. If you had not sealed your concrete you may like to consider doing it. The next time you will have your concrete cleaning, it would be much easier.
  • One tip that you should take note to care for your plain concrete is that do not use muriatic acid if you want to have your concrete be stained or would be decorated.
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Advantages Of Concrete

Concrete is one of the most top choices when people will build their houses or buildings of any type. Concrete is not easily destroyed due to winds, fire, and rain and it is the one suitable in many places. One of its nature is its ability to retain heat. That is why the owner can save costs on heating. Concrete is also cheaper as compared to other building materials and so it can be used more. It can also be used to make many things that are why many people prefer to use them. You can use concrete in your house flooring, countertops, driveways, patios, decks, and many more. That is why concrete is one top choice for construction.

Types Of Concrete Cleaners:

pH-Neutral Cleaners

They are used in cleaning the concrete floors located indoor and with sealing. They are the type that is not exposed to dirt. But they can be used in the concrete located outside provided that they do not have much dirt and stains in it. They could be bought in most stores.

Acidic cleaners

These types of cleaners are mainly used in removing stains and also those contaminants that could be removed through the solution. This type of cleaning solution could also be bought in many stores.

Alkaline cleaners

This type of cleaner is tough to remove grease, oil, and other stains. This type of cleaner is said to be the best to be used when you want to change the pH of your concrete from acidic type to alkaline which is the natural state of concrete. They are usually diluted in water. This cleaner that could be cost-effective to use. They can be bought in concrete outlets.

Enzymatic/Bacterial Cleaners

They are the new cleaning solutions that have with them active enzymes and the organic chemistry that is effective in removing stains. These types of cleaners are not that easy to find though.

Specialty cleaners

There is also this type of cleaning solution. They can be a mixture of two cleaners among the ones written above. There are also many cleaners that could be used. They had been formulated by those who had tried them. 

If you do not want to go to all the trouble of finding what cleaner is best for you and doing the cleaning themselves.

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